Nestled in a strip mall in middle of the business district of Irvine, is one of Orange County’s best kept secrets and a rarity in the wine tasting industry, the OC Wine Mart. I work in the area, just off Michelson and Jamboree, and never noticed this venue. From the outside it looks like any other high-end strip mall liquor store, in fact it sits next to a food court (home of some of the best fish and chips outside England….but that is definitely a future blog post).
Owner, Julie Lim of the OC Wine Mart

So you may be asking your Author, what the hell are you describing and how did you find it? Very simple, this is the story about finding a hidden gem of a wine boutique that features a unique wine tasting system… but let me tell you the story.

My wife has developed an unhealthy obsession with social purchasing sites  such as GroupOn, LivingSocial, Screaming Daily Deals, Dealster ect ect. In fact she has become a member of over 20 different sites, resulting in a flood of emails every morning at about 6am.  Every day I get home from work, she tells me about a new social buying deal. At this point I have come to accept it,  and now understanding that I am just along for the ride . If you like these types of deals, keep an eye open for a future post  about social buying sites that my wife belongs to…do use caution!  they are like crack cocaine once you get started!.  There is a bright side to my wife’s  social buying groupie  like behavior, it’s highly beneficial to my food blogging activity. The OC Wine Mart One was on of these latest deals she purchased off For $20 dollars, we received  $40 worth of wine tasting.