I’m no wine expert. In fact, I don’t understand how some wines get 87pts and some get 97pts, or how some can boast 5 different hints — I usually can detect one or two — and have a certain end note. When it comes to wine, all I know is:
1) if I like it or not
2) if it tastes too alcoholic
3) if it makes my face feel hot — which ordinarily means I have an allergic reaction to it. Other than that, most of the other stuff is just beyond me.

I know I don’t like oakey whites or reds with super high tannins. I don’t care if the wine is from France, Napa Valley, Australia, New Zealand — blah blah blah — just let me sniff it and I’ll more often than not know if I’ll like it.

So when I came to OC Wine Mart the other day for its grand opening, I wasn’t terribly excited about the prospects of the wines themselves, but rather, the curiosity of having an independent wine seller in Irvine. However, when I got there, what I encountered was something completely different!      READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


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